This space calculator has been developed to assist prospective tenants with comfortable, yet effective space utilisation.

The efficiency of space utilisation is influenced by factors such as tenant-specific requirements, design and positioning of an office building , size of floor plates , future growth, and a full investigation is necessary before any conclusive requirement can be finalised.

The results gleaned from the Office Space Assessment, will enable the user to brief Elevation Properties as to the approximate size of their requirements. Elevation Properties will select various options and create a shortlist of suitable premises to cater for the prospective user's needs.

This exercise will be done as a free service to selected companies.

ReceptionNo. RequiredTotal
Small sized: Reception desk, 2 seats, coffee table = m2
Medium sized: Reception desk, seating for 4, coffee table = m2
Large sized: Reception desk, 2 seating areas for 8, coffee tables, small display area = m2

Meeting Rooms
Round table - 4 people and server unit = m2
Round table - 6 people and server unit = m2
Round table -8 people and server unit = m2

Board Rooms
8 to 10 seater and server unit = m2
14 to 16 seater and server unit = m2
Plus Audio Visual Area (number of facilities requiring them) = m2

Cellular Offices
Clerical office = m2
Secretarial office = m2
Personal assistant office = m2
Middle management - workstation, storage, & seating = m2
Senior management - workstation, storage, meeting table & seating = m2
Executive offices - workstation, storage, meeting table & seating = m2

Open Plan Offices
Clerical - desk and extension = m2
Clerical - desk and pedestal = m2
Middle management - screened off office, desk, extension and 2 chairs = m2
Pause area - 4 to 6 seater = m2

Cluster Offices
Clerical = m2
Call - Centre workstation = m2

Bulk filing = m2
Filing Cabinets = m2

Small sized = m2
Medium sized = m2
Large sized = m2

Separate bar area = m2
Bar in boardroom = m2
Mailroom = m2
Executive bathrooms = m2
Large pause area of 6-9 seats = m2
Small pause area of 4-6 seats = m2
Canteens - 20 people with Coffee/food server = m2
Training - 12 people including audio visual facility = m2
Computer room/server facility = m2
Smoking room with air extractor = m2
Showroom or display area = m2

Store Rooms
Small = m2
Large = m2
Add: Approximate allowance for passages and circulation 15% m2
Add:  Approximate percentage of common area of building12% m2
Estimate of Gross lettable area required m2

Visitors bay in open area
Permanent open bays
Permanent covered bays
Undercover bays

This Office Space Assessment is intended as a guide only, and neither Elevation Properties nor Paragon Interiors can be held responsible for any errors or omissions that may occur.  The actual space requiremen'ts necessitate an in-depth feasibility exercise, which we would perform for your specific company.

Please do not hesitate to contact Elevation Properties for more information or for a more detailed and specific space assessment.


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